Supported Cars

An existing factory CarPlay is required for all vehicles.

If you don't see your vehicle in the list, don't worry. Please contact us with your vehicle make, model and year. We're constantly updating this list as we test vehicles around the world and this list is based on tests conducted by us and reported by our customers. Note: Specified years are based on Model Year (MY) and this can vary by region - please enquire if you have any questions.

Below is a list of supported car models that LessWire supports. As we test more models, this list is constantly updated. Nevertheless, car models that have factory CarPlay installed should also work with LessWire.

NOTE: Before buying, make sure your car SUPPORTS factory CarPlay. If you are unsure about it, research your car's model on the internet first, before placing an order. 

  • Abarth2017-2021
  • Acura2017-2021
  • Alfa Romeo2018-2021
  • Audi2017-2021
  • Bentley2017-2021
  • Borgward2017-2021
  • Buick2017-2021
  • Cadillac2016-2021
  • Chevrolet2016-2021
  • Chrysler2017-2021
  • Citroen2016-2021
  • Dodge2017-2021
  • Ferrari2016-2021
  • Fiat2017-2021
  • Ford2017-2021
  • Genesis2017-2021
  • GMC2016-2021
  • Honda2016-2021
  • Honda bikes2018-2021
  • Hyundai2015-2021
  • Jaguar2017-2021
  • Jeep2017-2021
  • Kia2015-2021
  • Lincoln2017-2021
  • Lexus2019-2021
  • Land Rover2017-2021
  • Mercedes-Benz2016-2021
  • MG Hector2016-2021
  • Maserati2017-2021
  • Mazda2018-2021
  • Nissan2017-2021
  • Opel2016-2021
  • Peugeot2017-2021
  • Porsche2017-2021
  • RAM2018-2021
  • Renault2017-2021
  • Seat2016-2021
  • Skoda2016-2021
  • Subaru2017-2021
  • Suzuki2016-2021
  • Toyota2016-2021
  • Vauxhall2016-2021
  • Volkswagen2015-2021
  • Volvo2016-2021